Neil Oliver Photography

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Neil has been a close friend for as long as I care to remember. He's also a pretty darn good photographer so the site really had to do his photos and his personality justice.

We opted for big photos and some cheeky humour along the way too boot. I wanted to get Neil's relaxed informal attitude across to potential clients, as the last thing you need at an event is a miserable lens wielder.

The site was a pretty static build, but we boot strapped the photo handling through flickr. Tumblr was used for the blog and perch to manage the other content. Meercats would call it 'simplez'. Bloody meercats.

The Devil's in the detail

  • Launched:March 2010
  • Platform:Perch, flickr, tumblr
  • Built in:html5, php, css, jquery

Who did what?

  • Black Rabbit:Logo/Design/Development