Fauna & Flora International

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I was brought in to consult upon the new Fauna & Flora brand in early April 2010 and to work closely with the team at FFI to plan, design and deploy a new website later in the year that would assist in the charity's re-align.

The team at FFI were keen to move the website into new territory visually and in terms of strategy. They also needed a way to manage their content in a more efficient manner. We all started thinking like Germans and began work.

Together we designed, developed and deployed the new website that launched – along with the new brand and logo – in late October 2010 after myself and Roger (FFI's awesome design guy) spent the best part of 48 hours in the office testing, tweaking and perfecting it. Many, many coffees were consumed. Several muffins lost their lives.

The Devil's in the detail

  • Launched:October 2010
  • Platform:Wordpress
  • Built in:xhtml, css, php, jquery

Who did what?

  • Black Rabbit:Design/Development
  • Abstraktion:Core plugin development
  • Darian Moody:Optimisation